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"I was able to take a phone number that I was paying over $60 a month for and switched it to the $6 a month plan with Switching was very simple and the service was great. I have recommended this service to several of my clients and business associates.

Angela Phebus


"One of the most important features of is that what they tell you is what they deliver. I have been very happy with their services "Byron Lee"


"I am using ParkMyPhone for a year now and I love your service. It allowed me to get calls from people who I had forgot had this number. It is also perfect for those annoying sales calls, now if I buy something that requires a phone number I leave this one so if they sell the number I will not be disturbed by sale calls etc. Bob, owner of


"When I moved and had to change my cell phone number, I dreaded notifying all my contacts of the change. Thanks to Family Phone's unique and inexpensive Park My Phone plan, I am assured my old contacts will still be able to reach me.
Thanks! " Eric G."


"I have been looking for someone to provide telephone forwarding services for some time. Earlier in the year, I signed up with a company that offered this service. After several weeks of waiting, I learned that they could not port my number from my VOIP provider. I contemplated dropping my number due to the expense, until I found your company. Signing up for your service was easy, and it took no time at all to port my number – the same number that I was told could not be ported! All of my requests for support via e-mail have been answered within a couple of hours, and I was able to reach a real live person when I called your company with questions. Outstanding! - Bill Kirwin"


Call Us Now: 1-877-ParkMy800

ParkMyPhone For Skype

Keep Your Old Number And Forward Your Calls To Skype!

Are you looking for a way to bridge between your old phone number and your Skype account?

Want to save money on phone bills and considering Skype?

You want to switch but they said they cannot port numbers?



forward phone calls to skype

Skype* does not allow you to port your home phone number. But we can port your number and forward it to your SkpyeIn number.

How does it work?

We offer an economical forwarding alternative. First, you port your number to our system then we can forward your incoming calls to any U.S. phone number, in this case your SkypeIn number. For a monthly fee of $10, you can receive all calls to your old number without paying for phone service on the line.

Did you want your cell phone calls to go to your Skype account? Now there is a great solution for that.

Need a Toll Free number to ring on your SkypeIn number? Our service is very affordable.

How to sign up?

We offer competitive prices. See our prices here or Click here to get started.

Questions? Suggestions? Call us NOW:

1-877-ParkMy800 (877-727-5698)

* Please note, Skype is a registered trademark of Skype®, ParkMyPhone is not affiliated with Skype® is a service of Home | Services| Subscribe | About us | Contact us | Terms of use| Privacy Policy
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